Understanding the Evolution of SEO

SEO is a field that has been around for a fairly long time now, and if you look at the evolution of SEO youevol will quickly come to realise that it has matured significantly as Google has risen to power. There was a time when SEO just meant filling your page with keywords, and collecting as many links as you can get, regardless of the source.

Today, SEO is rather different – and far more complicated. The evolution of SEO happened out of necessity. Too many people were spamming low quality content or buying links in the hopes of picking up as much traffic as possible. It was too hard for users to find the real, high quality stuff online.

That’s why Google started to put more emphasis on quality. They wanted to make sure that when a user searched for something, whatever was put in front of them was actually useful and informative, and that it fulfilled whatever their goal was.

So, now Google looks at not just keywords, but their density and context. It looks a not just the number of links – but how reputable the sites linking to you actually are. It looks at the age of the domain, how often the site is updated, how often the site gets mentioned elsewhere, and whether those mentions are just blogs, or news sites, authority sites, and educational domains.

All of that stuff, as well as whether the page is factually correct (there are some stats that can be verified empirically), and whether the site gets talked about in social media, are really important, and can help Google to understand what is going on and whether a page should rank well in the SERPs. So, before you start your next SEO campaign, check that you’re actually working to the modern standards!


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