Modern Living Room Furniture Styles

Modern Living Room Furniture Styles That You Might Like

There is a significant difference between traditional furniture that is used in a living room and those that have a definitive modern motif. The style of modern furniture is so different from what has always been made, what you typically see in houses today. This furniture can vary from sofas to sectionals, chairs and recliners, and accent tables that you can use. You will also want to consider matching this up with a rug, table lamps, decorative mirrors, and anything else that can convey a modern appearance. Let’s look at the different modern living room furniture styles that are currently popular so that you can get a better idea of what you can use.

Modern Sofas

The type of sofa that you get can vary considerably depending upon the price range that you are comfortable with. You can go all the way down to $200, and go all the way over $1000. Most of the modern ones have custom upholstery with the buttons, usually with longer legs, nothing covering them below. If you’re looking for a great deal on Modern Sofas, we recommend this website. They are often higher up, made of some type of wood, but not wicker, typically a hardwood like walnut or oak.

Modern Chairs And Recliners

The recliner and chair that you choose for the room should also match, although that doesn’t necessarily have to happen. It’s good to have a little bit of diversity in your living room. As long as it has a modern appearance, you can use generally anything, but it’s recommended that you go with something that has a solid color, usually made of leather, giving it that modern appeal. Additionally, you should also consider using colors that are contrasted. For example, if you have a sofa or sectional that is very dark, you will want to go with a lighter color for your recliner and chairs. This tends to be common with modern layouts, a literal black and white motif, and it can exemplify the fact that you’re going for that modern appeal.

Pillows And Throw Rugs

Although you can add other types of furniture which will include rocking chairs, gliders, lounge chairs, side chairs, and even armchairs, the type of pillows and throw rugs that you use can actually make a huge difference. People choose primary colors as well for the rugs and pillows that are used, especially pillows which should be a brighter color. That’s why many people will go with a dark gray, offset by bright yellow pillows, and perhaps a tan or almost white recliner in the same room. This gives a modern feel, one that is definitely deviant from a more naturalistic appearance, and what you will want to focus on whether you purchase this furniture new are used. Additionally, the throw rug can be useful in offsetting the entire appearance of the room, usually contrasted with the color of the walls. The entire ensemble of furniture, pillows and throw rugs is going to create the exact modern expression that you want to accomplish.

Modern furniture is so different from traditional furniture because it exemplifies something that is typically not natural in any way. If you are the type of person that spends a lot of time on your big screen TV, laptop computer, or you are a techie by nature, this is probably the best set up for any room that you can do to create that modern vibe in your home.

Search Engine Optimization 101

SEO 101 – The Basic Levels

SEO might not be everyone’s forte, but it’s not so difficult to understand the basic principles. Once you know the point of search engine optimization and how to put it into action, it becomes a rather experimental journey that constantly changes. In this article the focus will be on the basics of SEO 101 and why they are important.

The 3 Main Approaches

To avoid any confusion as to what SEO might be, it’s the process of making a website or listing receive high search engine page ranks.

The first thing you should know about SEO is that it comes in 3 different levels. Each level contributes to a higher ranking in their specific way. These levels are referred to as:

On-page optimization

Off-page optimization

– Social media platforms

It’s your choice whether you want to invest in all three levels or just one. But given the tough competition for search rankings, it’s better to combine as much as possible.

On-Page Optimization

As the name suggests, everything about this level is directly done on-site. In other words, it speaks to the content that will be used, the plugins, coding, design and everything else that goes with having a site.

Even though website building platforms, such as WordPress, make it incredibly easy to launch a site, it’s something completely different making it search engine effective. There are several things you need to take into consideration, and everything needs to work together.

Off-Page Optimization

Regarding off-page optimization, you’re looking at tactics that utilize outside sources. It’s also commonly known as link building, and the importance of healthy link building keeps growing.

Link building means placing a link to your site on another site, preferably in the same niche. From a search engine point of view, this hosted link counts as a vote for the quality of your site.

However, search engines have cracked down on the way links are being placed. Thanks to years of black-hat-tricks by webmasters looking for easy answers, the process has become more complicated.

Social Media Platforms

There’s nothing complicated about social media platforms. It’s used by millions of people every day, and they have become a great source of traffic. They’ve also gained more ground regarding increasing search engine results. By running an effective social media campaign, you’ll be tapping into a very powerful side of SEO.

What About Local SEO?

SEO tactics don’t only apply to websites and blogs. Even local listings are gaining more popularity, and every business is encouraged to utilize it. You don’t need a website or a blog, but it will help the cause.

Hiring An SEO Professional

Now you get to choose whether you want to take on SEO by yourself, or if you want to hire a professional. If you’re a lawyer, then we recommend hiring someone who specializes in law firm SEO like this consultant. It’s possible to master it after some time, but do you really have it when you should be running your business? A professional SEO service is very affordable and you won’t be wasting any valuable time.

Avoid Insect Bites With Organic Bug Repellents

You may enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family during the summer, but cannot stand getting bit by mosquitoes and other insects. If you are tired of scratching your arms and legs because of bites and having to deal with the marks they leave behind, the best thing to do is wear one of the organic bug repellents on your body before you even step outside.

There are many great reasons to use an organic product. For starters, you want to know what you are applying to your body, especially if you have sensitive skin. Products that you have used in the past may have caused you to breakout in a rash. If you are breaking out in a rash as a result of a repellent you were using, you are dealing with unnecessary irritation that could have been avoided.

Instead of using anything that is too harsh on the skin, the organic bug repellents are gentle on the skin yet still effective at keeping the bugs away. There are several different products available, including creams you can rub on your arms, legs and face as well as a full body spray that you can easily use to maximize the protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

The organic options may contain a combination of different oils that repel insects naturally, such as castor oil and soybean oil. Although you may need to reapply the repellent every few hours, many of the different organic options are waterproof, which means they will not wash away if you were to go for a swim in your backyard.

Keep yourself protected so that you can still enjoy the warm weather. Instead of getting bit by dozens of mosquitoes while playing in the grass or even sitting outside to enjoy the nice weather, you can keep those insects away by using a natural repellent.

Semantic SEO

Information On The Use Of The Semantic Web For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Until very recently Google relied on keyword mentions and linked graphs to understand hierarchy and topic relevance. The semantic-web operates in an entirely different method that involves moving from “things” to “strings” as its main focus. While many are excited about the use of the Knowledge Graph as well as the use of entity meta-data, there is a lot yet to come.

The Knowledge Graph

The march towards the semantic future involves organizing data in a specific way. Google is now in the process of delivering what is known as in-search info on things, places, and people. The processing of this type of information is motivated in a large way behind Google’s purchase of the quantum computer. With over 20 billion facts related to relationships between various objects that have already being mapped, all that is needed is an Intel processor.

The semantic maps make use of “pins”. This can be described as a common graph that most people are aware of, but instead of featuring link “nodes” the semantic maps direct to entities. This means that the job for a business owner or marketer will be to make sure that their business is mapped and associated with the correct entities to be relevant.

The Semantic Search

While a semantic search may sound similar to the “semantic web” it is not. A semantic search is typically the name provided with using micro or Meta data to highlight information in a search. The use of Google’s rich snippets allows sites to ensure their specific search listing is more visual and engaging. The click through rates studied has resulted in improvements of around 15% upwards when compared to the websites who have not leveraged this opportunity.

One of the best locations to find out about the data formats available for websites is to visit the site which contains a detailed list. However, the real opportunities for businesses are not associated with the micro data but rather content.


Google has already started to take certain cues from the content that is a link to establish relevancy, opposed to viewing the anchor text. This offers insight to marketers and business on how search engines start to define or understand what is relevant using context derived from which types of individual write about a brand or business.

Divesting Interests

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and the semantic web as with any major change, it is expected to have losers and winners. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense with any semantic strategy that businesses open up various other digital channels to promote traffic.
Relying on a single source of revenue is not regarded as a smart type of strategy in this day and age. Strategies today should include the inbound channels like email and social. Social media itself also plays an important role when it comes to the semantic web.


It has become clear that the Knowledge Graph is the start of the semantic web journey, and all the groundwork is present, which means that it cannot be overlooked or ignored. In fact, the semantic web is believed to bring about several challenged for the search marketers. However, it is suggested that if marketers and businesses act now, they can take full advantage of the opportunities available with this concept. If you still feel like you need help getting your Semantic SEO setup properly, we recommend as a reliable SEO Company. One of the most important concepts surrounding the Semantic Web is associated with evolution that involves advancing from one system into another. The two important parts that involve this evolution include partial understanding as well as transformability.

Understanding the Evolution of SEO

SEO is a field that has been around for a fairly long time now, and if you look at the evolution of SEO youevol will quickly come to realise that it has matured significantly as Google has risen to power. There was a time when SEO just meant filling your page with keywords, and collecting as many links as you can get, regardless of the source.

Today, SEO is rather different – and far more complicated. The evolution of SEO happened out of necessity. Too many people were spamming low quality content or buying links in the hopes of picking up as much traffic as possible. It was too hard for users to find the real, high quality stuff online.

That’s why Google started to put more emphasis on quality. They wanted to make sure that when a user searched for something, whatever was put in front of them was actually useful and informative, and that it fulfilled whatever their goal was.

So, now Google looks at not just keywords, but their density and context. It looks a not just the number of links – but how reputable the sites linking to you actually are. It looks at the age of the domain, how often the site is updated, how often the site gets mentioned elsewhere, and whether those mentions are just blogs, or news sites, authority sites, and educational domains.

All of that stuff, as well as whether the page is factually correct (there are some stats that can be verified empirically), and whether the site gets talked about in social media, are really important, and can help Google to understand what is going on and whether a page should rank well in the SERPs. So, before you start your next SEO campaign, check that you’re actually working to the modern standards!

Protect Yourself Against the Zika Virus

How You Can Protect Yourself From The Zika Virus

Due to the latest reports involving the outbreak of the Zika virus in the Caribbean and Latin America, the WHO (World Health Organization) has suggested that mosquitoes that include the species the Albopictus, Aedes, and Aedes Aegypti are the type that is currently spreading the Zika virus. These same species are associated with transmitting the chikungunya and dengue virus that is believed to have found its way across all the nations that fall under the Western Hemisphere. The only parts that are exempt from this threat include specific parts of Canada and Chile where the colder climates and high elevations may avoid these species from breeding.

However, this does not mean that the cases associated with the Zika virus will not be reported in other areas of the world. In fact, the very first case that was sexually transmitted was reported in the U.S.A in Dallas Texas in February this year. The confirmed test result from the CDC showed that this virus was present in the individual’s blood stream. This person was confirmed as a non-traveler from the United States. The confirmation of this sexual transmission is not likely going to remain the first incidence. It has been stated that there is now evidence in place that Zika is also transmitted through the process of blood transfusions.

If you plan to travel soon, here are a few ways you can protect yourself from the Zika virus:

•Use the CDC website that can offer you with the latest information associated with Zika.

•If you happen to be pregnant, or you are planning to have a baby soon, avoid travel plans to any of the areas where Zika is circulating.

•To make use of condoms when participating in any types of sexual intercourse.

•If you do decide to travel to any one of the affected areas, make sure yourself arm you with mosquito repellent particularly the varieties that contain the chemical known as DEET with a 40% or higher concentration. Other considerations include using a mosquito netting and wearing long pants and sleeved shirts.

•If you wear sunscreen, make sure you apply your preferred sunscreen before you use an insect repellent.

•Buy clothing items that have been treated using permethrin or treat your gear and clothing with permethrin.

•While you are visiting an area affected by the Zika virus, ensure that window screens and windows are securely closed while sleeping or use a mosquito net for further protection.

•Ensure you use the necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites throughout the day and night. Mosquitoes that are known for transmitting Zika are difficult to avoid because these species feed during the day opposed to the species that only come out at night.

Note: If you’re looking to naturally protect yourself against mosquito bites, we like CedarCide’s mosquito protection.  Try it out.  Don’t use toxic bug spray!  The cure is worse than the disease in some ways!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are bitten by the species of mosquito known as the Aedes that is carrying Zika, what is the likelihood that you will contract the virus and become sick?

The CDC estimates that one out of five people who become infected with the virus will land up contracting the disease.

What can you expect from this disease?

For individuals that pick up the disease, this illness is described as mild and will include symptoms such as red eyes, joint paint, a rash, and fever. However, it can become fatal, and some deaths in Colombia have recently been reported.

What will happen once you become infected with the Zika virus?

You will typically become immune from contracting any future infections.

Are there any vaccines that can prevent Zika?

To date, there is no known vaccine. In fact, various health experts have put out a warning that the development of a vaccine can take many years.

Austin: The Start Up Capital of Texas

Austin is one of America’s fastest growing cities regularly beating out  San Antonio, Houston and Dallas in terms of growth. The tech scene is one of the reasons that Austin is growing so fast, Austin has become the go-to hotspot for new tech start ups.  What makes Austin so appealing as a tech destination?

start ups in Austin

A Brief History

Austin came to the attention of the IT world back in the 80’s when IBM, Dell and AMD all chose to set up shop in Austin.  Those three companies brought in an influx of money and talent to the Austin area that only grew in the 90s.  Trilogy software arrived and produced software and web development products, helping other start-ups get their businesses off the ground.  Within a 10 year period Indeed, Home Away and Gowalla showed the world how successful start-ups were coming out of the Texas capital.

Some Notable Start Ups in Austin

  • Gowalla: Back in 2007 when social media was first getting established, 4 Austin residents built Gowalla.  It was a social network based on location, it quickly became popular even winning some awards at the South by Southwest Conference.  Nonetheless the network was snapped up by Facebook in 2012 for an “undisclosed sum” and was quickly shut down.
  • HomeAway: HomeAway is a fixture on the Austin tech scene, this hugely successful vacation rental site boasts almost half a billion dollars in revenue in 2014.  HomeAway launched back in 2006 and after some mergers and shuffling around it later became headquartered here in Austin and it went public in 2011 with a valuation of nearly $3 billion dollars.
  • Indeed: Indeed is the go to site for job hunters all over the world, founded in Austin back in 2004 it has been growing ever since.  In 2010 it overtook Monster to become the most popular site for job hunters.  In 2012 Indeed was sold to Recruit Co for $1 billion.

Why Move to Austin?


Money is the lifeblood of any new business and there is plenty of it in Austin.  Austin has a large share of venture capitalists and angel investors here looking to add to their portfolios. For a start-up attracting the right venture capitalist could mean the difference between success and failure.

South by Southwest

For an entire week all eyes are on Austin, SXSW is the most important tech festival in the world.  This is where Twitter, Foursquare and others launched and became cornerstones on the web.  This event started out as music festival now focuses on start ups.  Here is Twitter at SXSW:

Cost of Living

When you put Austin up against other tech hotspots like San Francisco, Austin wins hands down.  Texas is one of the few states with no income tax and the city and suburbs or consistently listed as some of the cheapest places to live in the US.  Combine that with its vibrant arts and culture, and great weather, attracting young professionals isn’t that hard.

6 Must See Art Galleries in Austin


Austin has a thriving arts community, artists in the Texas capital are committed to local arts scene and the quality of the museums and galleries reflect that.  The city’s cultural reputation is strengthened by the innovative exhibitions, educational programmes and important art events that run throughout the year.  Here are 6 of the must see museums and art galleries you should while in Austin.

Art on 5th

Art on 5th opened its doors back in 1988with its first showing, a collection of paintings by Andy  Warhol and Pablo Picasso.  The gallery spans over 6,000 square feet and features modern and contemporary art by local and international artists.  The gallery has changed over the years to suit the changing art community in Austin and today it has one of the largest collections of the Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.

The Contemporary Austin

Formerly the AMOA-Arthouse in the Jones Center, it was rebranded under the new name back in 2013 with a new exhibition programme.  The Contemporary reflects the changing Austin art community and strives to blend music, film within the community.  It features artists from all over the world including Tom Sachs, Charles Long and Orly Genger.

Women & Their Work

Founded in 1978 the gallery serves up contemporary art created by local women and female artists from around the world.  They are active in the community and provide performances, and exhibitions meant to expand the conversation on contemporary art.  They strive to educate and promote the value of art created by female artists.

Gallery Black Lagoon

Austin natives David Lujan and Singer Mayberry established Gallery Black Lagoon back in 2010, to provide exhibition space for Austin’s visual arts community.  They support both new and established artists and have shown the art of more than 250 artists.  The gallery itself features a stunning mural facade and is a popular hot spot for themed events.

Pump Project

Pump Project is a non profit organization that provides a community for creativity.  The complex serves as home to more than 50 artists who work with various mediums including ceramics, painting, jewellery and print.  The gallery gives first time artists the chance to show their work in large and small group exhibitions.  Artists without the resources to lease space in Austin can find gallery and exhibition space here at the Pump Project.

Art Galleries in Austin

Wally Workman Gallery

Set in a historic building in the middle of the art district, the Wally Workman Gallery first opened its doors back in 1980.  There are two floors of exhibition space with a small number works nestled in individual rooms.  The gallery features works from more than 50 emerging and established artists.  One of Austin’s most popular contemporary art galleries, exhibit openings are always well attended with a diverse group of people.